At the 1992 meeting of ASPAC at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the ASPAC Board voted to establish the John and Mae Esterline Prize to encourage student participation at ASPAC Meetings and to recognize the support given to students by our colleagues John and Mae Esterline. The scholarship program was begun with a donation by John and Mae.
At the 1994 meeting of ASPAC at Guam, the first student winners of the scholarship were chosen. The ASPAC Board has agreed to help financially support the scholarship along with contributions from other people interested in promoting the study of Asia and interested in assisting students with their studies.

A committee to administer the scholarship was formed, the current co-chairs are:  Dr. Stewart Johnson and Dr. Barbara Mori.
Esterline Biography Winners Application Process

To make a donation to the Scholarship fund contact: Dr. Barbara Mori at (805) 756-6261 or

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