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Doctorate of Musical Arts, 1985.
School of Music
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

Master of Music, 1979.
School of Music
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois

Bachelor of Arts, 1977.
Music Department
Towson State University
Towson, Maryland


Associate Professor, 1991-present
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, California

Lecturer, 1985.
Fine Arts Department, Music
Allan Hancock College
Santa Maria, California

Lecturer, 1983-85.
School of Music
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

  • MU102 - Acoustic Communication
  • MU308 - Sound Design: Technologies
  • MU310 - Sound Design: Recording
  • MU324 - Music & Society: History of Electronic & Computer Music
  • MU402 - Orchestration
  • MU411 - Sound Design: Synthesis
  • MU412 - Sound Design: Composition
  • MU100 - Music Fundamentals
  • MU101 - Introduction to Music Theory
  • MU400 - Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 
  • MU461 - Senior Project

  • Certified for Music, California Junior Colleges, 1985-present
  • Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, Director of National Conference, 1999. San Jose, CA.
  • Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, Board of Directors.
  • Guest Composer/Lecturer, American Music Week, San Jose State Univ., 11/95.
  • Music Consultant, Alexandria Digital Studios, October, 1995.
  • Director, Art & Technology Forum, Cal Poly State Univ. 1994-96.
  • Academic Board, Florence Study Program, CSU Chancellor's Office, 1995.
  • Panelist, Fin-de-SiËcle Forum, School of Architecture, Cal Poly State Univ., 1995.
  • Adjudicator, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, 1995.
  • Guest Artist, Symbolic Sound Corporation.  Audio Engineering Society national conference, San Francisco, California.  November, 1994.
  • Chair, Music Technology Council, California State Univ. 1990-present.
  • Music Technology representative, Academic Information Resource Council, California State University, Chancellor's Office.
  • CLA Sabbatical Leave Committee, 1998-to present
  • CLA RPT Committee, 1998-present.
  • PE/Replacement Priorities, 1995 to present
  • Music Technologies Coordinator, 1995 to present
  • CLA Computer Committees, 1995 to present
  • Music Technology Council, CSU, Chair, 1995 to present
  • Academic Information Resources Council, CSU, music representative
  • Allan Hancock College, Music Validation Team, 1990 & 1995.
  • Development of Music Department Identity Logo, 1992
  • Academic Senate GEB Area C Subcommittee Chair, 1991-93.
  • CLA Curriculum Committee 1990-93.
  • Theatre & Dance Department RPT Committee, 1991-93.
  • Curriculum Committee, Music Department. 
  •  Development of Music Major, 1988-90.
  • Supervision of recording Music Department recitals and concerts, 1988-95.
  •  (see Choir cassettes in Vol. I)
  • Consultant for SLO Children's Museum Sound & Music Exhibit, 1992
  • Electronic Music in the Schools, Lucia Mar Unified School District, traveling  program to elementary schools, 1990. 

  • Metanoia.  premiered San Jose State University, November 1998. 
  • Triptych. 1995.  Premiered at Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, 1996. Meditations, Premiered, 1995. Faculty Recital, Cal Poly State Univ.  Electroacoustic work.
  • Shadow & Line and Antiphonies. Premiered 1994. Contemporary Music Ensemble. Cal Poly State Univ.  For varied instruments.
  • Come Into the Light. Premiered, 1993. Supported in part by Karamja Mwangi.  Electronic tape.
  • A la memoria de los Buhos. Premiered, 1992.  Commissioned by Coastal Access Musicians' Alliance.  Electroacoustic work.
  • Epitaph for Millennium Grove. Premiered, 1992.  Supported by the Santiam Wilderness Society.  Electroacoustic work. 
  • American Cantata. Premiered, 1990.  Commissioned by the Cuesta Master Chorale. For chorus, soprano, tenor, and real-time synthesis.
  • Let Us Go to the House of the Lord. Premiered, 1988. Commissioned by Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, San Luis Obispo, California.  For tenor, chorus, and organ.
  • Paul Rinzler Trio. 2000. Compact Disc, Engineer and production consultant
  • Katie Marchand. 1999. Compact Disc, Producer, engineer.
  • Sisera Fell. 1999. Compact Disc, Producer, engineer.
  • Human-Human. 1997. Compact Disc, Producer, engineer.
  • Zeitgeist. 1993. Cassette. Producer, mixing.
  • Concierto Romantico. 1992. Compact Disc. Recording engineer, digital editor.
  • Next Feeding. 1992. Cassette. Production consultant, mixing.
  • American Cantata. 1991. Compact Disc. Composer, recording engineer, digital editor, producer.
  • Temple Beth Skyturn. 1991. Compact Disc. Production consultant, mixing.
  • Harpsichords & Handgrenades. 1991. Compact Disc. Producer.
  • Contact Interface. 1990. Compact Disc. Producer.
  • "Sources of Information on Woodwind Multiphonics." Perspectives of New Music. 1988.

    Student Research & Projects Supervised
    (a sampling of some of the many projects)
    • Recording, Editing, and Production of a Compact Disk.
    • Brian Blackstock and Bill Selak.
    • Algorithms for Sound Morphing. Senior Project in progress. Mark  Robertshaw. 1995-96.
    • Senior Recital & Composition. Senior Project. Bill Petersen. 1995.
    • Recording Techniques for the Conga, Djembe, and Steel Drum. MU400 Project.  Dean Rossi. 1995.
    • Electronic Drum Triggers. Music Minor Project. Andrew Cook. 1994
    • Conversion of Acoustic Signal to Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Master Thesis in Computer Science.  Shigenori Horio. 1993.
    • Instructionally Related Activities
    • Studio Construction. Bldg. 45 - Room 125.  Second Electronic Music Studio. 1995.
    • Studio Conversion. Bldg. 45 - Room 129F. Conversion of editing studio  constructed in 1985 to a MIDI tracking studio. In progress.
    • Studio Construction. Bldg. 45 - Room 217A. First Electronic Music Studio. 1989.

    Consulting, Commissions, & Professional Invitations

    • Guest Composer/Lecturer, American Music Week, San Jose State Univ.,
    •  November, 1995
    • Music Consultant, Alexandria Digital Studios, October, 1995.
    • Guest Artist, Symbolic Sound Corporation. Audio Engineering Society national  conference, San Francisco, California, November, 1994.
    • Sound Reinforcement System Consultant, St. Patrick's Church, Arroyo Grande, 1989-94
    • Acoustic Consulting: Cal Poly Facilities, 1993.
    •  Arroyo Grande United Methodist Church, Criswell      Hall, 1988.
    •  St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cambria, 1986.
    • La Folia. Commission from Coastal Access Musicians' Alliance and concert.  October, 1992.
    • American Cantata. commission from Cuesta Master Chorale. 1990.


    Corporate Relations
    • Digidesign, Inc.  (See Grants & Donations below.) 1995. $30,000 equipment donation, 1998.
    • Symbolic Sound. 1998 $10,000 equipment donation, 1999.
    Professional Associations
    • International Computer Music Association
    • Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States
    • Audio Engineering Society
    • College Music Society
    • Phi Kappa Phi
    Grants & Donations
    • I have greatly abbreviated this section into the form of a summary.  I estimate that in my time at Cal Poly, I have developed at least $300,000 in grants and donations (equipment and software).
    Compositions, Projects, & Activities In Progress
    • Another compact disc of my work
    • I am composing works appropriate for the release of a second compact disc on the Ars Nova label.
    • Music for the Gospa
    • A composition in progress for symphonic wind ensemble
    • The Creation
    • Oratorio based on creation texts and interpolated texts.  Soloists, Chorus, and Electronics.  Developing text at present.