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Studying Abroad

Most CLA majors allow students to study abroad and graduate on time; please see an academic advisor to see if this is a possibility. If students are interested in studying abroad, please review the study abroad advising sheet for the College of Liberal Arts (PDF).  This useful tool:

  • Briefly describes each program type
  • Explains what G.E. areas students may be able to fulfill depending on the program
  • Lists locations major courses may be taken depending on the program
  • Answers the following “Frequently Asked Questions”
    1. When should I plan to study abroad?
    2. What is the first step or when can I meet with a study abroad advisor?
    3. Can I take major or support courses for my major abroad? Can I fulfill my support language requirement or language minor requirements?
    4. Who do I talk to about getting credit for study abroad?
    5. Is there a list of pre-approved major or support courses?
    6. How does study abroad credit affect my GPA?
    7. How long will completed courses take to show up on my DPR?

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