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Welcome to Religious Studies!


Esalen Internship

Religious Studiies is happy to announce a new relationship between CP Religious Studies and the famed Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Students will have the opportunity to intern at Esalen for a month and receive four units of Cal Poly academic credit at the same time. Esalen is one of the most famous "spiritual" centers in the world, perched at undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the cliffs of Big Sur. For this program, students work for about 30 hours per week to offset room and board costs and then take approximately 2 hours of classes per night, with a final paper written for Dr. Lloyd-Moffett. For more information, contact Dr. Lloyd-Moffett.



various world religious symbols spelling out term "coexist"

understanding. convivencia. peace.

In Religious Studies at Cal Poly, we believe that changing the world begins by understanding. Our classes are opportunities for students to explore religions in our world in an unbiased and non-judgmental environment. Understanding leads to convivencia, a Spanish word used to describe the productive harmony that developed between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Moorish Spain. Convivencia goes beyond mere tolerance and instead recognizes the value of diversity while preserving the possibility of a search for a single truth. Convivencia in turn leads to authentic and lasting peace, grounded in a common humanity with its diverse religious ideals.

The academic study of religion is one step in this process. We encourage you to explore our website or drop by to meet with the minor program advisors or any members of the faculty associated with the program. We are happy to talk with you about what we teach and what excites us about the field of Religious Studies.