Ron Den Otter

Photograph of Professor Den Hartog


  • Public Law
  • Political Theory

Contact Information

Classes taught

American Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights. Jurisprudence, Introduction to American Government, and Contemporary Political Theory

Research Interests

Constitutional Theory, Normative Political Theory, Ethics, and Deliberative Democracy


  • Recently Published: "Judicial Review in an Age of Moral Pluralism," New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009
  • "Can a Liberal Take His Own Side in an Argument? The Case for John Rawlsis Political Liberalism," 49 Saint Louis Law Journal (2005): 319-366.
  • "The Place of Moral Judgment in Constitutional Interpretation," 37 Indiana Law Review (2004): 375-416.
  • "Democracy, Not Deference: An Egalitarian Theory of Judicial Review," 91 Kentucky Law Journal (2002-2003): 615-666.

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