Dr. Daniel E. Krieger

Dr. Daniel Krieger, History Professor EmeritusProfessor Emeritus
Holocaust Studies; Imperialism and Decolonization; California Ethno history; History of Coastal California
E-mail: dkrieger@calpoly.edu
Office: Building 47, Room 25D
Phone: (805) 756-6585




  • Ph.D. in History, UC Davis, 1973

Research and Teaching Interests

I began researching and writing about the legacies of imperialism and racism in California in the 1950’s. My interests expanded to Africa, Southern and Eastern Asia and Europe in the 1960’s.  I continue to by absorbed by these themes in teaching and writing about the Holocaust and the ethno history of California and the Central Coast.

Awards, Honors and Professional Activities

  • Rockefeller and NEH Fellowships in State and Local History
  • Newberry Fellow in State, Family and Community History
  • President, San Luis Obispo County Historical Society, 1978-81; 93-97
  • President, California Mission Studies Association, 2006-present.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Looking Backward into the Middle Kingdom: A History of San Luis Obispo County (1987; 2nd ed. 1988) Revised third edition in progress
  • War Comes to the Middle Kingdom: Vol. 1 1939-42 (1991)—Volume 2 in progress; San Luis Obispo County Goes to War (1981)
  • Since 1983 I have published a weekly column on history titled “Times Past” for the Sunday edition of the San Luis Obispo County Tribune


  • HIST 111 – Western Civilization from the Reformation to the Present
  • HIST 439 – Topics in California Histor
  • HIST 445 – A Comparative History of the Holocaust
  • HIST 446 – Early British History
  • HIST 447 – Early Modern British History
  • HIST 448 – Modern Britain

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